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The Gruhn Guitars Repair Shop is legendary.  Our technicians boast a wealth of knowledge and know-how and are able to repair most any fretted instrument.  For many, many years the shop has remained entirely focused on repairing the instruments that Gruhn Guitars purchases and consigns but due to the extremely high demand from the public we have expanded our shop to accommodate the needs of instruments that people wish to keep and enjoy.  You may now bring your instrument to Gruhn Guitars for repair and/or setup work any time during business hours - no appointment is required.  Some work may be performed while you wait or you can simply leave it and come for pickup at a later time or day.  Gruhn Guitars has always delivered the very highest level of instrument repair in the industry - we look forward to providing this for the instruments you already own!  For more information call 615-256-2033 or email

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